The progressive’s guide to the Colorado 2020 ballot

WHEW. Hey Denver residents! This year's ballot is a doozie.

We recognize we're a little late to the game here with putting out a voting guide. However, ours comes with a twist. We spoke with several progressive activists and organizations throughout Colorado for their recommendations on how to vote on each amendment, initiative and measure.

Your ballot should now be in your hands, but if it hasn't made its way to you yet, you can track it using Ballot Trace. Oct. 26 is the LAST DAY you can mail in your ballot.

If you'd rather drop your ballot off or vote in-person, you can find the closest drop box or election site on the Denver Elections Division website. If you aren't registered to vote yet, you have until Oct. 26 to register by mail or online. But, Colorado is one of the states where you can register up to and even on Election Day! After Oct. 26, you'll have to register in-person at an election site. You have until 7 p.m. Nov. 3 to do so.

Calling all anglers, hunters and the outdoorsy: Sound the alarms on climate change

Last week I spent two days fly fishing on the Madison River in Montana. The valley area is one of my favorite places in the contiguous United States and the trip was a much-needed reprieve from the mental exhaustion of the last few months.

We launched Ms. Mayhem in May, shortly after my mother passed away. Covering the pandemic and protests have been scary and emotionally taxing. A few days before we left, I got the news alert that Ruth Bader Ginsberg died. During our 14-hour drive up to Montana, I saw that Breonna Taylor’s killers would not be charged for her death.

This year has thrown everything it has at me, and I know many others that feel the same. It’s a never-ending circle of shit.

But standing thigh-deep in the river I share a name with, my brain stopped working at 1,000 miles an hour.