The past, present and future of Bree Davies

The name Bree Davies is as well-known to her fellow journalists as it is in DIY artist and political activist spaces. She has long been a major voice for all Denverites.

Her extensive resume is an indication that Davies is unable to sit still for long. She’s worn many hats in her time as a journalist covering Denver’s music scene—as producer and host for PBS12’s Sounds on 29th Street and an alt-weekly arts columnist at Westword. She started the podcast “Hello? Denver? Are You Still There?”

Outside of her journalist title, Davies has worked as an activist and advocate for artists, housing, accessibility and anti-racism. She helped found the experimental art and music festival Titwrench Collective and was a staff member of Kalyn Heffernan’s 2019 Denver mayoral campaign. Over the last several years she took a detour into urban planning and city politics.

Then she was offered a job working as the host of the newly-launched City Cast, which was slated to hit earbuds on March 25. Due to the shooting in Boulder, the first episode aired two days prior on March 23. Working alongside the podcast’s producers, Paul Karolyi and Xandra McMahon and newsletter editor Peyton Garcia, Davies has another platform to breathe some new life into Denver’s media landscape.