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Documentation or evidence is a requirement for any tip sent to Ms. Mayhem and suspicions will not be pursued. The problem or issue must be communicated clearly and specifically. Tell us what the real-world consequences are and why people should care. For now, we will only be pursuing tips that occur in the Denver-metro area. We cannot always guarantee an individual response to each tip, but we will respond to tips in the same way they were received.

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You can email your tip directly to any of the staff or to the general news@msmayhem.com address.

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Signal is a free messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption to send messages, photos, video and calls. The app only retains your phone number, when you first registered with the service and when you were last active. No metadata concerning communications is retained. The app also allows messages to self-destruct, which removes them from both the recipient and the sender’s phones once it’s been seen.

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