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Lauren Mims
Ms. Mayhem

Meet Ms. Mayhem – Denver’s Newest Voice

Dedicated to Underrepresented Voices, Female-run Ms. Mayhem Launches this May

DENVER, CO: Ms. Mayhem announced the official launch of their female-run publication, a new resource for underrepresented and marginalized voices in Colorado last Friday, May 22, 2020. Ms. Mayhem is here to spark conversation about inclusivity and promote the people causing mayhem within and outside their communities in Denver and beyond.

“We’re looking to report on femme and non-binary identifying people in all walks of life, from sex work to the military; from tattooing and skateboarding to the STEM industry,” said Madison Lauterbach, Founder and Editor at Ms. Mayhem. “We want to put an emphasis on the intersection of gender, sexuality, class and race.”

Ms. Mayhem’s online publication officially launched on May 22, 2020 covering stories from mental health to sex work during COVID-19. The publication will host a launch party June 12 to celebrate the arrival of Denver’s newest voice. Readers can subscribe for updates on joining the party, here: www.msmayhem.com/become-a-member/.

“We’re excited to bring a new approach to journalism to Denver,” says Cassandra Ballard, co-founder and co-managing editor at Ms. Mayhem. “By combining traditional and progressive tactics, we can find more authentic and raw stories others would overlook.”

If interested in being featured in Ms. Mayhem’s upcoming stories, please reach out to the Editor, Madison Lauterbach: mlauterbach@msmayhem.com. For more information on Ms. Mayhem, visit www.msmayhem.com.

About Ms. Mayhem: Ms. Mayhem is a female-run, Denver-based publication dedicated to authentic, in-depth news and uncovering the stories of underrepresented voices. Founded in 2020 by Madison Lauterbach, Cassandra Ballard and Ali Watkins. Here to spark conversation about inclusivity and promote the people causing mayhem within and outside their communities, meet Ms. Mayhem.

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