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WFS 320 – Casting Forward and Women’s Fly Fishing with Madison Lauterbach – Ms Mayhem

Madison Lauterbach, founder and editor of Ms. Mayhem, is here today to talk about their movement to empower women, oppressed individuals, marginalized people, etc. – all those people who are struggling to fit in any industry. In a project called Casting Forward, they produced 5 short films covering topics and issues such as women’s fly fishing, conservation, climate change, safety and inclusion, featuring individuals who are impacting different industries inside and out.

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Breaking News: Ms. Mayhem Offers a Fresh Take on Denver Journalism

When she enrolled at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Madison Lauterbach wanted to pursue a career in journalism that would allow her to write the kind of stories she was interested in reading.

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Ms. Mayhem: A self-funded news website takes pride in reporting on the intersection of race, class, gender, ability and sexual orientation

Late one night in December 2017, Madison Lauterbach was having trouble falling asleep in the Sydney, Australia, hostel where she was staying over Christmas break. In between journalism school semesters at Metropolitan State University of Denver and getting ready to start her first journalism internship, she had an epiphany.

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Meet Madison Lauterbach of Ms. Mayhem

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?

Ms. Mayhem is an online, Denver-based news outlet. We began as a way to not only explore issues important to women but also highlight femme-identifying people who are making waves in what are traditionally male-dominated fields.

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Meet Madison Lauterbach | Editor of Ms. Mayhem

We had the good fortune of connecting with Madison Lauterbach and we’ve shared our conversation below.

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Jumping in with Madison Lauterbach

Madison Lauterbach launched a publication called Ms. Mayhem, which tells stories at the intersection of race, gender and class. She describes why she decided to start her own publication and how she did it.

April 15, 2022

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Ms. Mayhem Explores Women in Fly Fishing with Debut Airing of “Casting Forward”
“Casting Forward” Premieres May 18, 2022

DENVER, CO (April 15, 2022) – Ms. Mayhem, Denver’s digital publication for marginalized communities that want to be seen and heard, will be hosting the world premiere of “Casting Forward” on May, 18, 2022 at The Bug Theater from 5:30pm-7:30pmMT. The premiere will include the debut of five separate videos discussing gear, safety, conservation and education–and how women are making an impact on the sport. This interactive event will also include meet and greets with those women featured in the series as well as a talkback session with Crystal Egli from Inclusive Guides.  


In April 2021, Ms. Mayhem reporters Madison Lauterbach, Esteban Fernandez, Ali Mai and Polina Saran undertook an ambitious multimedia project to discover how women are changing the face of fly fishing. The results of their efforts came to life through videos that highlight the industry, disparity for women in angling and even how women of color are fighting for their space in the sport. 


In addition to the premiere of these five inside scoops on women in fly fishing, the evening will have door prizes from Fishpond, Orvis and several other fly fishing brands. The event is currently sponsored by Miss Mayfly and Odell Brewing Company. This premiere isn’t just for anglers—anyone who is interested in social equity and conservation will be captivated by these stories.


“Fly fishing is a reflection of every other industry in this country,” says Madison Lauterbach, Editor-in-Chief at Ms. Mayhem. “It’s predominantly white, cisgender men who control and benefit from it. If we can reach people in their comfort zone of fly fishing to make them understand the issues, they may be more receptive to taking a look at larger-scale problems within society.”

“The final product of this project and the event aren’t just for women,” says co-managing editor Esteban Fernandez. “They’re already familiar with the issues we cover in these videos. Most anglers are men, and they should care about these issues because the women in their lives—their wives, girlfriends, daughters—will most likely experience these things at some point. It was eye-opening for me as a male-identifying person to hear some of the things women undergo just to participate in a sport or hobby.”

Ms. Mayhem is a local, grassroots run publication dedicated to sharing the stories of women and other marginalized groups. The publication aims to bring a fresh perspective on feminism, politics and entertainment to the table, and in the process destroy stigma in our own personal beliefs. 

Virtual and in-person tickets are available for purchase on the Ms. Mayhem website. For more information on Ms. Mayhem and the premiere of “Casting Forward” please visit https://www.msmayhem.com/casting-forward/.

About Ms. Mayhem

Ms. Mayhem is an online magazine and a grassroots publication focused on telling stories from the intersection of race, class, ability, gender and sexuality. The outlet primarily features femme-identifying people making waves in their communities and disrupting male-dominated industries. Ms. Mayhem’s priority is to tell stories for marginalized communities, rather than about them. A key part of this work is assembling a diverse newsroom from the ground up. By employing writers with diverse backgrounds, Ms. Mayhem casts a wider net to find stories and angles that many established news organizations miss. 

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