Inside the art of Koko Bayer

//Koko Bayer. Still from video by Polina Saran | polinasarana@gmail.com

Many Denver residents will recognize the prolific Hope Hearts that have popped up since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, they are a reminder of community and the message that we will make it through the hard times that have befallen us.

Koko Bayer is the face behind these wheatpaste posters. Wheatpasting is a popular style of street art that has been used both commercially and for unsanctioned art. Bayer has used the style to spread messages of hope, and as a medium to incorporate elements from her step-grandfather, world-renowned artist Herbert Bayer’s, designs. These posters hypnotize us with a surrealistic look and bright colors that catch the eye.

If you have a high visibility spot that you’d like to have covered with a Hope Heart wheatpaste, email Bayer at projectspreadhope@gmail.com.
#projectspreadhope #pinklemonadehope

Watch our full video by Polina Saran, available with captions below.


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2021 Denver holiday shopping guide!

2021 Denver holiday shopping guide!

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