DPS Director Tay Anderson accused of sexual assault

By Esteban Fernandez

Mar 27, 2021 | News | 0 comments

//Black Lives Matter’s press release from March 26 regarding the sexual assault allegations against Tay Anderson. 


9:25 pm, March 27
The DPS Board of Education has released a statement around the allegations surround Director Tay Anderson. The board has confirmed there is no pending criminal investigation or charge, and it has no information past what has already been posted by BLM5280 on social media. Currently, they are waiting for additional information before considering next steps. The board also said it cannot unseat Anderson without an election, although the board could censure, reprimand, or remove members from their committee assignments. They also invited any individual with information to share that information with the district’s Title IX officer. 

Additional women have come forward to Black Lives Matter 5280 alleging further misconduct from DPS Director Tay Anderson. The organization published a statement on March 26  accusing Anderson of sexually assaulting an anonymous woman. The new information was revealed through a series of posts that the organization made on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

The woman behind the allegations has requested anonymity. BLM5280 is complying with the request and is urging others to do the same. She also requested through the organization that the director issue a public apology and that he seek help from a licensed professional with relevant expertise.

“Until Dir. Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 or on any of our platforms,” the statement reads. 

The organization reiterated its fierce commitment to believing Black women in light of any sexual assault allegations. The allegations have not gone through the legal process yet. It’s unconfirmed if Anderson has retained legal counsel or not.

The statement called on Anderson to engage in restorative justice. The practice is often termed as an approach to justice that provides an opportunity for the parties directly affected by any wrongdoing, which includes both the victim and the party responsible to come together and identify and address their needs in the aftermath of the event. It is a way to address the harm caused by the wrongdoing while also holding the wrongdoer responsible.

Anderson denies the original allegation. Through a statement issued March 27, he declined BLM5280’s demands and instead called on the organization to provide further clarity over the allegations being made against him. He has not responded to the additional accusations thus far.

“Until I and the broader community have more comprehensive information, I cannot take the actions requested in the BLM5280 statement or address conduct I have no knowledge of,” his statement reads.

In a Facebook post made Saturday evening, BLM5280’s co-founder Amy E. Brown laid out the reasoning behind the forceful action. 

“There are sisters I still owe amends to TODAY because they were actively hurt while BLM5280 tried to find a way to handle abuse allegations that was comfortable and pleasing to the accused,” Brown wrote. She also added that women experienced harassment and other retaliation while the organization stayed silent or dragged its feet. This resulted in female members leaving the group and in other cases, leaving the state altogether.

This is a developing story. Brown declined to directly comment on the story. Ms. Mayhem contacted Director Anderson but he could not be reached as of press time.






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